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Vampire Academy Cinema Feature - Better then the book?

If you haven’t watched the movie Vampire Academy, which was released in BLANK, then you should defiantly look into it. I mean if you are into Book-to-movie type features then I guarantee you will like it, if not love it.

Vampire Academy is a contemporary fiction that follows two girls within the world of vampires. Lisa Dragomir is a Moroi, which is a royal vampire, who is mortal and has the ability to control Earth magic. Her best friend is a dhampir, someone who is half-vampire and half-human and is the protectors of the Moroi. The Dhampir forever protects the royals against immortal vampires called strigoi, bloodthirsty creatures who never die. Unless decapitated or stabbed in the chest with a wooden stake of course. After spending two years on the run from something Rose feels is after them (possibly strigoi) they are caught and brought Back to St. Vladimir‘s Academy. The Academy is for vampire royalty and their protectors to be, which is hidden deep within the Montana wilderness. Forced back to the school Rose and Lisa must work to protect themselves against unknown dangers, especially those who pretend to be their friend. They must conjure forbidden love and beside one another, or the strigoi might destroy their loves forever.

The Movie;

Of course, everyone knows Cinema and shows often shorten stories, or cut a lot of things out in order to tell the story in a shorter time frame. For me, I think the directors did an amazing job of telling the story of the first book without taking too much out or making it hard to understand. I watched the movie first, which made me interested in the book, and it didn’t give too much away as to ruin the story for me- though the book and movie are the same.

The actors/actresses cast to play the characters were done well, and I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to play those characters. I loved that they used an actual Russian actor, Danila Kozlovsky, to play the character, Dimitri Belikov. I also believe Zoey Deutch really brought the sass o Rosemarie Hathaway’s character to life.

The setting of the movie and all the fight scenes were great, and seeing the old architecture of the school In the movie really helped paint a better picture for me when I read the book.

The Book;

Rose is far more witty and badass than she seems in the movie if you can believe it, and I really love her character. Of course, all teens have angst, as these girls do, but I really like how hare headed Rose is without being pigheaded (most of the time). She exudes confidence and that is refreshing to read. She is a born protector and I relate to that.

Dimitri Belikov is a dream and more mysterious than he is in the books. He seems a bit more rugged in the books though and has a bit more personality than the movie portrays, but as you know there is only one movie so there wasn’t much time to get to know Dimitri.

There is more backstory than is fully explained in the movie, especially with Lissa’s powers, her family, and how it all connects to St. Vladimir himself.

The relationship between Rosa and Dimitri is a lot deeper and developed than in the movie, which is to be expected because a movie is only two hours long. They train quiet a. Bit together and help one another during investigations that happen in the book, so they see quite a bit of each other and so when heated scenes come up it doesn’t feel completely rushed.

Which was better?

After arguing with myself for about an hour I would have to say the books, ONLY because there are several of them that carry on the story, and there is only one movie. If they would have continued the Cinema series hands down it would have been the movies. The setting of the scenes, the cast, and how the director went about creating a storyline that flowed made it a great movie. However, there is SO much more to the story than what is seen on the big screen. There are battles, death, character growth, love, and so much pain. It is a great series to dive into and I highly recommend it.

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