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These are the books I'm currently working on to get published or are published. They are a work in progress, as are the summaries I have written for each one. This gives you an idea of how serious and passionate I am about my career as an Author, and hope one day to see them in the hands of passionate readers around the world. If you are interest in more information about my publishing process or any of my books, please fee free to email me, or contact me about signing up for my monthly newsletter!

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The Rising: Trigenus Series

Drowning in what she thought was the rest of her sad, lonely mundane life, Lamia Relictus thought she’d die of boredom until she finds herself staring into the eyes of both her killer and her savior. A hybrid man named Micah spares her despite his training, demanding answers she can’t give. Lamia is exposed to the truth when Micah tells her she is not completely human, suspicious of her connection with a demon uprising rumored to come to their city of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Risking it all Lamia agrees to help Micah, with the promise that he too would help her discover who she truly is. Through bloodshed, tears, arguments, and coffee a bond is forge between two unlikely people, but will it be enough to withstand the darkness ahead? In the midst of a bloody battle Lamia discovers what she is; something darker and deadlier than ever anticipated.

This story consists of four books.

**Avalible now at various retailers

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Viking Keys

Wulfwen would describe herself as an Ostman, Warrior, a General of one of the fiercest War Bands in all Valdyr, before calling herself a Princess. Through battle and bloodshed, Wulfwen has trained to be a Queen all her life, ready to serve her people. When the longhouse is attacked by Bjorn, the enemy kingdom, the honor falls into her lap at the cost of a life. Gunnar, Prince of Bjorn demands the third piece of a key, something they do not possess. Together the three pieces form the Key which unlocks the caverns of gold locked beneath the coast of Handleggr, put there by the mad Queen a hundred years ago. Her family is threatened with death and she is forced to leave to save her only life. Leaving her family imprisoned to her enemy Wulfwen travels across the country of Midgard in search of what Gunnar demands, determined to get it before he can and save her family. Will she find what she seeks, save her people and family, or will it fall to ruin?

This story consists of two books. 

**In the process of professional editing. 

Witch hunters.png
Witch Hunters

In a post-apocalyptic world covered in radiation, where religion is outlawed, nature is a death trap, and animals are mutated monsters, all struggle to survive and make something of their existence. The City of Otora thrives in what the old called Tours, France, where technology is the lifeblood of its citizens as well as crime. 

Themis, a trained killer, works for a company called Tandem. A private agency that is outsourced by law enforcement to eradicate and eliminate all incidences regarding or dealing with extreme spiritual supposition. This includes individuals who possess the means to harm others with said beliefs or unleash a force that is not permissible or already existing naturally on this universal plane.

Through her job, she loses someone close to her and ends up questioning everything she knows. With a sudden change in perspective, Themis realizes things aren't what they seem and decides to search for answers on her own. She finds that not only is she being deceived, but the city of Otora, as well as the world, is at stake from possible implosion; they would cease to exist altogether. Will she do what is right and follow the rules deemed by the company who raised her? Or will she follow her gut and do what is right to save the world?

This story consists of one book.

**In the process of editing. 

~Published Work~

Bones in Bloom.jpg

Bones in Bloom


Bones in bloom is a poetry compilation I've collected over the years based in the darkest points of my life and often, the scariest. 

What came from the pain that ached bone-deep, was beautiful pieces of work I wish to share. 

**Published on Wattpad.

November Shadows


Make a wish as you blow out your birthday candles- make it count. There are worse things waiting in dark when the light has gone out.

In a world full of innocent Birthdays and the melodrama of getting from one college year to the next, November Oaks finds herself staring darkness in the face and praying it doesn't blink. Dealing with school and a library internship November celebrates her 23rd birthday only to realize this year- something's not right. Strange things begin to happen, shadows begin to move, dark figures follow, and darkness... blinks. Creatures and shadows begin to infringe on her mundane world threatening everything she holds dear. Her life is soon at risk because of undiscovered secrets that lurk deep within herself, will she figure out why this is happening to her before it's too late?


**Published on Wattpad.

Confessions of a Demon

This Poetry book takes on the perspective of a demon; what emotions and memories it might have and write down. It dances through different aspects of the existence of a demon such as possession, attainment, torture, and sadness.

**Published on Wattpad.

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