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I'm not Dead

So it's been a hot minute since I posted anything across all of my platforms- aside from the occasional meme or picture of my Facebook page.

A lot has happened to me since the publishing of my first book and I want to come on here and say-

I'm not dead.

Just in case anyone was worried or wondered.

So ... What happened?

Well, I got pregnant- and had a baby.

*queue adorable baby photo

Such an event puts a lot of things on hold in one's life, especially a mother's. Which to no fault of anyone by my own, was really bad timing in terms of my writing career. Right in the middle of building up to publish my very first book as an Indie author with nothing but my own blood sweat and tears.

Once I got to my third trimester I was so exhausted and in pain, I wanted to do nothing but veg on my couch. I didn't think about marketing, I didn't think about the future of my books or writing, I was just in mommy mode. which makes sense and family comes first.

Since his birth, he has come first, which every parent knows is mostly out of necessity. There isn't anything else to do, or that is more important, but focus on keeping this little human alive and hope you aren't royally screwing it up. So far I think my husband and I are doing pretty great, our baby is happy and healthy and we haven't hurt ourselves while being severely sleep-deprived. What else can we ask for right now?

A piece of me has been put away in a cabinet for a long time and even now I can only sometimes open the door and take a peek to make sure it's still there; the writing/reading part of me. Since I was pregnant I haven't picked up an actual book (I'd fall asleep reading, no matter how good it was). I haven't written or edited anything and haven't even looked at 'LFSeitzBooks', which is in shambles and long forgotten since I stopped doing anything with it. It's hard to really look at it because of how I feel I'd abandoned it, and knowing that I don't have much time now to really start it back up again.

My son is only nine months and not able to play on his own and I technically still work two jobs, so trying to find time to do this is non-existent. Finding time to write feels impossible because when I do have time off I'm so exhausted all I want to do is sleep. I can feel myself slowly losing this part of me because everything is getting stacked up on top of it. My husband brought up my true passion for being a writer and wanted it to be my full-time career and I had honestly forgotten that it was, because of how long it had been since I'd touched the keyboard.

Honestly, it makes me emotional just thinking about it.

The point of this post though- there is one I promise.

I'm not dead, and I am working on reviving everything that I'd put to bed over a year ago.

It's going to take me some time, and honestly, I'm probably going to put what time I do have into editing/writing the books that I want to publish. If anyone has the ability to post about my published book that would be so wonderful, but I can't pay you. (It's a stretch to even ask so I won't.) I'm going to work on getting people to review the book I have out to hopefully get some marketing with as little work as possible. Every other 5-10 minutes I get to myself are going to my books, which are in need to come attention and care. But sometime in the next year, I will start posting again. Whether it will be asking for beta readers or writing book reviews. I will hopefully have enough time to get back to this part of my life and myself that makes me feel the most free.


Don't forget about me. Don't stop looking out for me and my posts.

I'll be back one day.

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