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It Ends With Us- Book Review

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It Ends with Us follows the story of a girl named Lily who hasn't had an easy life so far. (I mean who hasn't) Regardless she still continues to reach for what she wants. She moves from her small town to Boston, graduates college, and starts her own business. One night after a sad and chaotic day, she meets a man named Rye Kincaid, a hot Neurosurgeon, and feels a connection with him she's never felt with anyone else. They find their way to one another and Lily's life feels too good to be true. Until they are and things go astray. While she questions her new relationship with Rye she can't help but think of Atlas Corrigan, her first love from high school. Then as if fate would have it, Atlas appears, and everything Lily thought she had created with Rye is threatened.

Mad spoilers ahead-

What I liked;

-I don't read romance, but this book was interesting and kept my attention. The sudden meetings between Rye and Lily were surprising enough to keep my excited.

-I liked the aspects of 'naked truths' and the characters being honest with one another. I had never heard of something like that I liked it, especially because being clear in a stand-alone book is important.

-I liked her journal entries about her earlier years in high school, it broke up the story and helped us understand and learn about Lily better.

-I really liked Rye's sister, especially because she didn't side with her brother after many of the residences, which I was afraid of. It was really good to see Lily have some support in that area.

-The abuse felt very realistic and I liked the way that Lily handled it.

I love how the title played into the book toward the end *chef's kiss*

What I didn't;

-I didn't like the short moments with Atlas, she was such a huge part of her life. There were so many connections between the two of them and when they finally were alone there wasn't enough in them. They felt kind of hollow to me. Even though she was going through some stuff, they could have had conversations.

-I didn't like the ending, it felt cut short and like we the readers were cheated out of a great moment Atlas and Lily could have had together. It wasn't fleshed out like I feel the character's deserved.

Overall mouthfeel (Brooklyn 99 reference)

For my first actual Romance novel, it was good. There were some good twists and turns and enough interesting things going on to keep me going. I wouldn't have minded the book being a tad bit longer just so some of the scenes could have been fleshed out more. Would recommend.

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