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Six of Crows series- A review

Here we are again doing a review on a great book with some great people. You- you are the great people. Person. You know what I mean. This would also be a good time to tell you it will be very rare for me to ever make a review about a book that I don't like. That is a prefrence of mine, there is enough hate in the world I don't like to spread it. My mama also taught me;

If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything.


*Mad spoils ahead

Six of Crows takes place in an international port town called Ketterdam. Anything can be found by the right person, and bought for the right price, and no one does that better the Kaz Brekker. Whilst working as a member of one of the deadliest Gangs in the district Kaz is offered to make a heist that could make him richer then he'd ever thought possible- but he can't do it alone. With the help of six acquaintances, chosen for their specific skills, they travel across the sea in hopes of coming home rich ... which they do. Nearly dying in the process. Instead of returning home to split their reward they end up fighting for their lives and taking cover in an abandoned cemetery. Sucked into the world of Grishas and a dangerous drug called Jurda parem war trudges up old enemies and new lows for Kaz's gang. Will the fight to come out on top keep them together or will the pressure destroy the fragile bonds between them all?

What I liked;

It has a very Peaky Blinder's vibe to the story which is unique and I very much like. I have even seen some art depicting the main character Thomas Shelby, in Peaky Blinders as an older Kaz Brekker, which I must say is spot on in my book.

The amount of planning I feel went into this book, which goes hand in hand with the twists that were revealed in this series. I was constantly on my toes with each chapter, because every-time I expected something to happen, something else did. The story was very detailed and interact, something I was not suspecting but loved.

I had read Shadow and Bone series by Leigh Bardugo first before reading this which is where the Grisha come in, and helped to make sense of a lot of things. If you have not read that series first you will struggle through this quiet a bit. (wouldn't be a stretch to say that you can't read it without reading Shadow and bone first)

The characters were all very dynamic and well rounded, Each person with there own back stories with are visited at some point, helping you to understand there place in the gang better. You get more than a story of a single person and there side characters, you get several mini stories in one large heist and its pretty dang exciting.

There is ACTUALLY a plus sized female character named Nina and she is a BADASS. She is sassy as hell and loud, she's everything plus size girls need. Feeling the love for that.

Kaz is a Bad. Mother. Lover. He gives major damaged soul bad boy vibes and I am weak in the knees for it.

What I didn't;

I wish the romance was a little more present in these books, though I know that is not the main course of the book. I am completely okay with that, but I do love me some romance and I wish their'd been just a bit more to see between some of the characters.

A lot of information to absorb, which in the big picture is fine, but I recall having to set down the book a few times to try and give my mind a break, absorbing all the information was a bi difficult at times. Maybe because I have never read a book with some much planning by the characters I'm not used to it. Once you get into the second book though it's pretty smooth sailing.

General mouthfeel? (Brooklyn 99 reference)

It was a unique book for me and I loved it. I have a pretty solid sort of book that I go for and this was a little out of that general direction and I am glad I took the time to read it. It continued off the Shadow and Bone series a little which made me happy because I liked that series. The main characters Kaz and Inej are such unique characters and I appreciate their flaws so much, defiantly added the right kind of spice to the story. It's a must read.

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