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My favorite writer websites

I don't know if everyone feels the same about writing, but what I can tell from my fellow twitter writers- writing is hard. It doesn't matter what you write, how you write, it's all difficult and exhausting. 

We all just need a really REALLY long nap. 

And some coffee. 

Especially trying to find recourses for things in which to use for your writing, usually for fantasy or fiction in general. (all genres have their own list of difficulties) Creating words all your own, or languages, names, cultures, it can all feel like it's suffocating you! 

Well, from what I've learned, there are a few sites that can help with this enormous burden or can at least help you along to figuring out your own world. Because nothing is worse than staring at an empty screen, or at the title of the next chapter and having no idea how you're going to get from point A to point B. 

Why I use it- Endless possibilities in which to find information, and images to help with creation as well as troubleshooting! Not only are there gorgeous photos on Pinterest which to utilize, but the information people have to help is so amazing!

How I use it- I generally use it for two reasons, photos and writing/ publishing information. 

Photos are a big one. I generally make a wall for my recent WIP and start floating around the exploring section of Pinterest and collect photos that help bring my book to life. Sometimes this helps me get in the mood to write if I'm not feeling it, or to help me get a better image of what I'm trying to achieve. I usually used the word photography, aesthetic, or character inspiration as an attachment at the end of my searches to help narrow my preferences. After finding something I like I'll pin it, sometimes put a comment in of why I pinned it, ex. 'so and so's bedroom', and then put it on the designated board.

I also use it for writing and publishing information. I will put keywords into the search bar, ex. traditional publishing verses self-publish. TONS of articles will come up about one side of the other, I often read a few to get a better understanding. Sometimes, if I'm not sure of how to go about creating a culture or world for a book I'll look it up on there. There are so many resources on there I will read a few just to see what similarities linger within all and go from there.

Why I use it- They are copyright free photos!

How I use it- Often when I am looking for photos I wish to use as maybe a cover, or something that I will publish, I use these photos. Giving credit to the photographer is very appreciated, but they are copyright free. You can use it for a cover online, or maybe a mood board for your book or story. Simply look for a photo using keywords and download the photo! They have beautiful photos of over 70,000 contributing photographers. 

Why I use it- correcting simple mistakes without having to read through the entirety of your writing again. 

How I use it- If you make a profile and go to there site, you can upload writing and it will point out spelling, grammar, and punctuation. (This is the free one) By downloading Grammarly, it helps write anywhere, Twitter, facebooks, your blog, the list goes on. (Unfortunately, it doesn't help on google documents or off the internet server) I upload chapters after I think I have caught everything and it will point out things I missed, repeated words, overused commas, and so on. It makes me feel more confident when I put out my writing. They have an upgraded version, that shows a TON more stuff if you really like the program. 

Why I use it- I use this for everything! Moodboards, character boards, book covers, Instagram posts, you name it!

How I use it- You can use their free outlines, or create your own, but they have endless options for whatever you want to make. (You can pay for some of there outlines, but I never have.) I drag photos I'd like to use, upload them to the site, using filters and different arrangements I create mood boards or book covers for my various books. It helps when I need to get in the book for writing, or I just want to play around with some of the photos to create a character aesthetic board. It helps broaden the mind when creating your own words and cultures. Helps them becoming real. 

Why I use it- it helps me with everything fantasy when it comes to names and titles! This site is so full of information I would take you months to go through it all!

How I use it- You can literally look up anything on this site, from names of different species to names of places you're trying to create. Ex. if your looking to name a forest in your book, but can't figure one out, go to this site and they have a list generated for you, from Hillcaster Woods to Silver Spring Forest. They even generate descriptions for places and recipes for secret potions! Sometimes I generate a few and make one of my own, making it even more unique. They have a riddle generator and pop culture name generators. Want a name for your character in the Hunger Games- Cress Ashstone. Lord of the rings Dwarf- Lurban. There you go. This site is so underrated

These are some of my favorite sites and ones I use the most often. They help me get in the mood to write, to help me paint a better picture of myself, or assist with the writing process. There are so many other sites out there that I want to know if it will help, so if anyone has any suggests feel free to hit me up! 

I know some writers say that it's all about creating it in your own mind, making everything your own, but with these resources at your fingertips, why not utilize them

If it helps you write a better story, the creature a more vivid world- why not do it? Your readers will thank you in the end, because it helps tremendously. 

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