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Imagine Me - Book Review

Imagine Me by Tahereh Mafi is the Sixth and final book of the Shatter Me series and let me say ... it's been a roller coaster of emotion.

If you haven't read the first five books before this one PLEASE go read those.

Shatter me series is a young adult dystopian novel that follows the story of a 17-year-old girl named Juliette Ferrars and her unique ability. She has a lethal touch that can kill people. Because of her ability, she accidentally killed someone and The Reestablishment (Government) locked her in prison for nearly a year. Until she got out. The books follow her journey in discovering herself, finding friends, and fighting back against the government for a better world.

**major spoilers bro

Imagine me dives deeper into Juliettes past, when she was Ella Sommers. The book opens up to Juliette having a mental break because she is now mentally connected to her dying sister Emmaline who has been suppressed in a cage her whole life. It seems the connection maybe killer her, and in the midst of trying to figure it out The Reestablishment finds them again, Anderson finds them again. The last book is about Juliette's last mental fight against the reestablishment and the purpose her parents had set out for her. It takes her to a place you wouldn't expect, but Warner and Kenji aren't about to be defeated so easily.

What I liked;

We get a lot more time with Kenji who I personally love, and we get to empathize with him on worn down he is after everything with Omega point. We get to see Warner from his point of view as well as how he feels about Neezera who is a badass.

Kenji's love for Juliette - honestly I can't get enough, I love the friendship they have.

I love warner and all his brooding and bad boy-ness, so any scenes with him in it are honestly everything to me.

When Juliette *flips her switch* I can't exactly tell you what I mean about this but when you read the book and understand what I mean, you will find it sooooo interesting. It's defiantly a fresh twist and interesting aspect of the last book.

What I didn't;

I feel bad about saying this but ... it felt so anti-climactic. (reasons to follow)

I didn't like how easy it was for Juliette to *flip her switch* back to normal. It felt too easy and like it wasn't a big deal.

Anderson ... don't even get me started on him, he did not suffer enough, and Juliette should have been the one to end him. After everything he put her through, it should have been her.

The final death of her sister didn't feel as climactic as I would have liked, none of it did. I think I maybe teared up a little, and that is only because I have a little sister of my own. If I didn't have that to connect this scene to I feel it would have not made me very emotional at all.

Nothing is really said about Adam after he goes through something severely traumatic, one moment he's a lab rat and basically dead, and the next he's suddenly better.

The last chapter was eh, that's all I have to say about it.

Overall mouthfeel; (Brooklyn 99 reference)

The series itself is amazing; I love the adventure, the building of the characters, and the overall story. I loved Juliette and Warner's relationship, as well as Juliette and Kenji's. the middle books - where the meat is - is where it's at. The ending is subpar but the entirety of the series is written son uniquely and beautiful. I love how Tahereh writes her emotions, it is unlike anything I have ever read but somehow understand completely. Really compelling to read.

I highly recommend the series.

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