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Hush Hush Book Series - A review

*Basket of spoilers m’lad or lady.

Hush hush follows the story of a girl named Nora Grey, who is a “normal girl” in high school and doesn’t have love on her radar. That is until one of her teachers rearranges the seating and puts her next to a dangerously good looking up named Patch Cipriano. It slowly becomes apparent that Patch knows more about Nora then most people do, and seems to be everywhere Nora goes. She can not deny that she is attracted to him, but for what reason, she does not know. Until she finds out Patches secret, that he is a fallen Archangel, and becomes caught in a battle between fallen angels and immortals because of what she is, Nephilim. When there is an attempt on her life she finds that Patch is her Guardian Angel, but angelic is not the word that would be used for him. Through the teenage drama of forbidden love, archenemies, and old friends who rekindle old flames, Nora finds herself being haunted by images of her deceased father and is unsure if her rare bloodline has anything to do with it. She puts herself in dangerous situations to find the truth and finds more than she wanted. Then- her memory disappears and she is left with a hole where the last five months used to be. Struggling to move on she tried to put her life back to normal but finds herself dreaming of angel wings and things she doesn’t understand but feels connected to. She runs into Patches again, (though she doesn’t know that), and finds herself falling in love all over again. Unfortunately, their circumstances for them apart because Nora is to lead the Nephilim against the Fallen Angels, against Patch. They work on a plan that can stop the war before it stops, to keep them together but Nora becomes addicted to the new power she has found. Will they be able to confront their differences and their love prevail?

Man, it is hard to really describe a series without giving too much away. I felt like I was basically telling all their secrets.

What I liked;

The cover is *chef’s kiss*. The color scheme is beautiful and the art on the cover is good without being annoying. I hate when people are on the cover, unless their faces are hidden, which in this one they are more or less. I appreciate that and love the covers, that was the main reason I even bought it In the first place.

I liked Patch more or less throughout the series, he is portrayed as a bad Boy archangel and that is the vibes I got throughout the series. He was like the bad boy trying to do good and protect the woman he loves and Nora was just not having it.

The steamy moments between Nora and Patch were nice and wish there was more of it, but unfortunately, some people just don’t feel comfortable writing such things. *Sad sniffle*

The concept of an archangel not being able to ’feel’ sensation or touch was interesting to me and added a bit of struggle to Patch and Nora’s relationship which I liked. It made the love almost even more forbidden and I like when love overcomes things like that. Makes for a more interesting relationship.

The war between the Fallen and the Nephilim is a good idea, one I’d never thought of, and the way angels have the ability to possess Nephilim was also interesting. They are part angel, but I never thought of that as a weakness on their end; because it means their vessel is strong enough to hold such power, making them targets for possession.

What I didn’t;

I didn’t care for Nora, her personality shifted too much and she wasn’t consistent enough to keep me from rolling my eyes everything she switched dramatically from one feeling to the next. She’d feel one way about Patch and the next she was breaking up with him. One moment she is all for helping Patch and the fallen, and the next she wants to fight as Nephilim because she realizes they can possess her body.

There was a lot going on and honestly felt like too many non-essential events that lead to the end of the book. Honestly, you could take out 60% of the story and it would still make sense. So much filler and unneeded plot twists.

The third book. The whole thing, just throw it out the window. The fact that the Author made her forget everything from the last five months was such a blatant filler to extend the series- it enraged me So much I threw the book. And I don’t ever damage my books. I almost didn’t finish the series because of this book; I knew everything that had happened in the last two books and having to go through an entire book just to reread what i already knew was a nightmare.

General mouth feel (Brooklyn 99 reference);

Overall it was okay, there was a lot of filler but the story itself wasn’t terrible. It would have been much better as a trilogy without all the extra drama. I mean I have like some filler if it helps the story or develops the characters, but if it’s just really to extend the inevitable then it’s annoying.

I think I really held out for Patch because I liked his character, and I felt that I could relate to him in someways. He was damaged and I like characters who mess up and have flaws. I was also really hoping for more steamy scenes but unfortunately, they were few and far between.

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