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Divergent Movies- better then the book series?

The Divergent series will always be one of my all-time favorites, both movies, and books. If you have read my other reviews you'll know that I enjoy being consumed in worlds of my books in all ways; movies, TV shows, Reviews, and fanfiction. That book series was the first one I'd read that had truly affected me emotionally and changed my life forever. I ugly cried after Allegiant for three days straight.

The Divergent series is about a dystopian world located in Chicago, where a community lives in what is left of the City. There are separated into five factions, each having there owned specific jobs, skills, and mindset. This is done to make the City run smoother, for everyone to have a specific job, and to keep the peace. Candor is honest, Erudite is Smart, Abnegation is selfless, Amity is Kind, and Dauntless is Brave. The story follows a girl named Beatrice Prior who currently lives in Abnegation with her parents and older brother Caleb. Her parents are apart of the political system that rules over the city, but lately, there have been issues, because Erudite think Abnegation shouldn't be in charge. At the age of 16 every child goes through a simulation that helps them decide what faction they should be in, Beatrices is 'inconclusive' she tested positive for several factions. She ends up choosing Dauntless, turning her back on her family, and trying to find herself by being brave. She meets Four, her mentor who ends up being a very important character later on. Chaos erupts in the city and because of Tris's unique abilities, it is up to her and Four to save there City from Erudite.

The Books

The dauntless Are so much more in the books then they are portrayed in the movies. I feel like in the movies they are just seen as some brainless punks who want to hurt everyone, or always want to use for. In the books, I feel like they were smarter than that.

Shailene Woodley played Tris Prior perfectly, I almost feel like it was too perfect. Especially in the second movie, I feel like Shailene made Tris so badass, and I remember in the book she felt more weak and fragile. She seemed more conflicted in the books and unsure of herself, and in the movies, she seems confused but angrier than anything.

Four is younger in the books, he's 18, which makes some of his actions understandable, but in the movies he is played by Theo James and I can't picture him as anyone else. He brought a rounder personality to him then I remember from the books and I really enjoy his acting. (Sorry not sorry)

The ending is beautiful. *Holding back a sob* Is one of the best endings I have ever read in my life. I cried for three days, it's truly immaculate. Veronica Roth did so damn well and it was wonderful.

hey kept to the series pretty well, and the details were similar (the dauntless compound, Four and Tris separation in the second movie, the factions)

The Movies

The Cast they chose for this movie I feel people had problems with, given some characters are older than described (Cough Cough Four/Eric) but I believed they chose the right people and it turned out amazing. I can't imagine the characters being played by anyone else, and even when I read the books I picture these actors/actresses playing the characters in the book.

Like I said before about Four (Tobias), is played by a much older Theo James, but I think he plays the part uniquely and impeccably. He brings his own spin to the character and I can't imagine it any other way.

The last movie was the worst, and though I will always watch the series all the way through, the franchise died with it. It wasn't as great as the first two, which is a super bummer, and the ending was ruined given they didn't do the book's ending. I get movies are adaptations of books but everything was so incredibly similar to the book and follows the storyline almost exactly. So why not follow it to the end? They thought people would be too upset? Whatever.

The animation within the series was very well done, and the settings were just how I pictured when reading the books. When they do the fear landscapes I was very impressed, and the second movie's CGI blew me away.

In the end, I have to choose the books over the movies, ONLY because the ending was so much better. The end is NOTHING like the movies. They are a lie and if you knew the real ending you'd be so much more in love with the series and how beautiful and golden it is. This is not to say I don't love the movies, because I do. I love to see the cast and the excitement come to life, but the books are the backbone.

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