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Crescent City by Sarah J Maas - Book Review

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

First of all I am a HUGE Sarah J Maas fan and love her works of Throne of Glass as well as A court of Thorns and Roses. If you haven't read those yet- GO. In my opinion they are the best fantasy books to date. I have only done a few reviews, and I try not to give too much away until the very end of my post where I kind of fan girl about things. It is up to you if you'd like to stay and read it.

Now Crescent City;

The story takes place in a city called ... well Crescent City. In the city lives many different species, from werewolves, vampires, sprites, fallen angels, witches, and anything else you could possibly thing of, and of course humans, who struggle to hold a place in that hierarchy. We follow the story half-human, half-sidhe Bryce Quinlan, who is first depicted as a party all night and drink till you puke then drink some more type girl. Someone close to her is brutally murdered and we follow Bryce on her journey for revenge.

What I liked:

Sarah's characters are always so well rounded and filled out. There is one main character but the secondary characters also feel like main characters and it makes the story feel that much more real.

I like how the underlying relationship in this entire book is that of Bryce and her best friend Danika. Its a change of pace given many stories focus heavily on the love interest and how they contribute to the main characters journey. (don't get me wrong I love that gooey stuff) Its a change of pace.

The character development of Bryce is so dynamic and interesting, and things about her past are slowly revealed which makes the book more interesting. By the end she is a totally different person and it feels as if you have become Bryces friend, as if you know her and have seen her through her struggles.

I love Hunt, and how Sarah manages to always make the main love interest a sexy bad boy/ badass. Maybe it's an easy sell but I just love the muscular men with troubled pasts, they are defiantly a weakness for many woman. I like that both Bryce and Hunt struggle with there own separate issues and it stays that way for a long time, there is a realism to that.

The sexual tension nearly drove me to ripping out my own eye brows. Seriously. It was ... beautiful. I have always been a fan of a slow burning build, it makes the end so much sweeter.

Bryces half brother Ruhn .. another sexy bad boy badass.

Through Love, All things are possible.

What I didn't:

It was said that this book was supposed to be one of Sarah's more 'adult books'. It kind of felt that way, I mean sex and sexual content was a little more pronounced in this book but it wasn't completely different from her other series. (if anything it was dry in my opinion) BUT- the series is not done and if I know Sarah she will carry this build until we are literally begging for death and give us the much awaited golden naughty scene. (If you don't know what I am referring to just look up Chapter 55 in google.)

ALOT of information in a short amount of time. Almost too much. There were many times I had to set the book down, or reread a few pages just to make sure I was understanding things correctly. I think this is one of those books you have to read several times over before really start remembering the places, people, species, and tools that are used.

General Mouthfeel? (Brooklyn 99 reference)

Wonderful book, and I am interested to know what happens next. I mean I was consumed and I did ugly cry once or twice or 10 times, so it is defiantly a good read. I suggest though if you are not a seasoned reader or new to Sarah J Maas, check out A court of Thorns and Roses first. It's not my favorite series Sarah J. Maas has written but she always manages to captivate me completely when I read her writing. Her descriptions are so well written I find it easy to place myself in the worlds she creates. Her characters are bold and unique, they have me frothing at the mouth for more information, yearning to live vicariously through them as they move through their journey.

I read this book back when it first came out, and there was NO fan art to speak of, which was complete torture. NOW (after procrastinating on writing this review) there is and I want to share some with you. (though I picture Bryce to be a bit thicker woman, I love how this art is done)

Come back and fangirl with me!!

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