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Battle writers block

Everyone gets writer's block and those who say they don't-


Writer's block isn't just being unable to think of something or create something new it's also focusing. If you can't bring yourself to focus on the writing at hand, I categorize that as Writer's block. If you don't feel like writing your current story because 'you're not in the mood.' That's writer's block. Everyone gets it and it's not something to freak out about.

I have had writer's block for as long as six months on particular projects, I get it! It's hard sometimes, especially if you have a mental illness such as depression or anxiety, it might be even more difficult to get back on track. I UNDERSTAND.

It's okay and we can find a way to get through it together!


Anything can be solved with music, maybe not an illness but- it makes me feel better okay?! Listen to your favorite songs or songs that you love to write to and go for it. The worst that could happen is you end up hating what you wrote and have to start at square one again. THAT'S OKAY. It happens to the best of us. It's a process.

I have a playlist of just songs I like to write to and I will sit and write (by hand) an outline of what I need to write next to help me push through where I am struggling to pass.

Reread what you have written

If you aren't "in the mood" maybe reread what you have written so far. No editing, no writing, no adding, just read it. Immerse yourself in the world and ideas that you had originally when you first started writing.

Sometimes I do this and I get so hyped I get super excited to write again- this one really helps me.

Mood boards

When I feel I need something more to help me visualize, I will make mood boards. It's a collage of pictures to help depict a mood or aesthetic of your book/character/scene etc. You can do this on different photography sights or places like Pinterest or deviant art and collect pictures that you feel make sense and put them together in a college. The website I use to do that is called Canva. (This mood board was based off the elves from LOTR on Pinterest)

This might better help you see things Pinterest you have been struggling to get through.

Write a scene for a future chapter

Sometimes when I'm writing I'll get excited for an epic scene I've already mapped out, but it's not for a few pages or a few chapters yet. It makes me not want to write because it feels like it's taking forever.

Write the scene. If that's what it takes to keep you writing, do it. It's okay if you have to change it later because some of the things you write later don't match, but write the scene and come back to where you left off. It will help you focus and recenter yourself on what is at hand rather than distracted by something in the future.

Pick a prompt

The place I go most to find prompts is Pinterest because there is a wide verity to choose from. It doesn't matter if its a question you have to answer, a picture you have to describe or

a sentence you have to throw into a story- it will help you write again.

I do this when I'm just wanting to write- period- because a fresh start on a new idea might get me pumped to focus on my other projects.

Watch a movie or read a book of the genre

I am currently writing a book that bases most of its culture on old Norse customs and ideals. When I'm feeling a little out of it, and as if I can't get in the headspace for it, I'll watch something similar to the genre. Let it assist you in getting into the headspace of that book by surroundings you in the sights and sounds of it essentially. Seeing a story of the genre come together so wonderfully might also motivate you to work, wanting to achieve the same goal.

Create a soundtrack for the book

It can either be songs you listen to while writing or songs you feel would be on the soundtrack of your book's movie. I have done this for many books and it has helped me to better get in the atmosphere I need to be in order to write specific projects. It can also help you with specific scenes; whether it be love or death scenes, music helps.

Fanart some of your characters, or create a Pinterest board 

When I don't feel like writing but want to do something similar to my book, something associated with it, I draw. I'm not the best at drawing but I will often look for bases online that will help me make a better picture and use it to bring my characters to life.

If you are not one to draw at all, you can always make a character inspiration board on Pinterest, or simply collect photos in a folder on your desktop. This will help better visualize the character and give a better idea in your mind when writing about them next.

Investigate the core reason as to why you have the block

Is it because you haven't slept well recently? Or maybe you have something else on your mind you need to fix or figure out first. Getting to the bottom of why you have the block in the first place might help you overcome it. It may seem like you're 'just not in the mood', or that 'you can't think of anything,' but in reality, there is usually a reason behind it.

Are you depressed or anxious about something? Is your mind scattered in a million directions?

If you insist that nothing is bothering you and it is JUST writer's block then the things I have suggested before this might just help get you back in the rhythm of things. Just know that if there is some underlying issue this block isn't going to go away, it'll end up popping up again soon.

A sentence a day

Just try it- one sentence. It doesn't even have to be a good sentence, or a long one, or a profound one.

Like pushing a huge boulder up a hill, the steps don't always have to be large, but you do still have to take a step. So just do one sentence, and then tomorrow, write another.

'Then he walked away.' Or 'She couldn't believe her eyes.' ANYTHING. You can even hate it but if you keep pushing you might just get past this part and move onto a different scene. (you can always come back and fix it.)

I hope some of these helped in some way, if they didn't you can always contact me through social media and maybe I can help you out! Happy Writing!

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