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The Bone Witch- A Review

I said this in an earlier review of mine, but I rarely make reviews on books that I don't like. This- This is a book I didn't like, and though I didn't like it I am not here to bash it, so if that is what you are looking for- THE DOOR. *points to exit* However, if you are here my opinion on what I did like versus what I didn't then please stick around and hear me out. This is not to turn you away from this series or to make you feel the same way I feel, but more to show you my experience and do with it what you will.


*Spoil train a-coming!

The Bone Witch is a dark fantasy series that revolves around a girl named Tea. She has a strange ability; she can raise the dead. This is a rare ability amongst the switched of her world and, of course, it comes with a price, and she finds that out when she accidentally raises her older brother, Fox, from the dead. Becoming a necromancer makes Tea what is called a Bone Witch, making her an outcast who is feared by many people. Though Tea is not alone in this, an older Bone Witch, Mykaela, finds her and brings her to a different land to begin her training as an Asha- wielder of elemental magic. But darkness comes, and Tea must make a choice, one that will change her forever.

What I liked;

I loved that tea resurrected her brother and not some lost lover, it was unique and I appreciate the importance of her relationship with her brother. I love the bond they share with one another that you don't see in many books. I like Fox, Tea's brother, and his loyalty to her.

The heartglass everyone wears around their necks is *chef's kiss*. The glass changes colors with someone's feelings and overall stays the same. I like that silver holds special importance and is rare. Also if you fall in love with someone you can give them your heart glass, which is very risky because they can use it to control you if they wish. Probably my favorite part of the book to be honest. I just think it is really interesting.

The addition of necromancy to natural elemental magic is really cool and has a lot of potential. Death magic it's something you don't often see in a positive light and I like that the main character possesses the gift. I do believe dealing with the dead is a different type of energy and thought it was super cool that they were called dark Asha, or Bone Witches.

What I didn't;

The book is very confusing. Between chapters, there is a jump between the main story and a side story, and when I got to the middle of the book I couldn't take it anymore so I had to look it up. Turns out the main story is telling of the past and the other side story is of Tea in the future telling the story to someone else. I was very lost because this was not explained and it turned me off to reading this immensely. Nothing sucks more than feeling lost in a story for more than a few chapters.

I'm a sucker for romance, even if it isn't the main part of the story, but there was little to none in here. There is much love between Tea and her brother, and her friend Likh, and some spots of possibility, but that is about it. I was waiting for it to happen, and there were parts where I thought something might unfold but there wasn't enough of it to really hold my interest.

It felt kind of slow and dry, and I am a big fan of high stakes and the need for urgency in books. Just makes your heart race as if you are there with the characters, waiting to see what happens, worried about what will go amiss. There wasn't much of that and I struggled to read through the book.

General Mouthfeel (Brooklyn 99 reference)

The story was good and I feel it has a lot of potential to be even better in the next one, but I can't bring myself to read it, at least not now. The characters are well written, and the aspects of the world are interesting and unique but there weren't enough of the things I like in a story to keep me excited and interested. Which isn't to say it isn't great, just not for me, ya know?

In terms of fantasy, the book is good and if you don't care much for romance you'd most likely love this story. I hope you check it out anyway and see for yourself!

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