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The Rising

Book one in the Trigenus Series

~ Avalible now at various retailers! ~

Drowning in what she thought was the rest of her sad, lonely mundane life, Lamia Relictus suddenly finds herself staring into the eyes of both her killer and her savior. A Nephilim, named Micah, spares her despite his training, demanding answers she can’t give. He exposes the truth that Lamia isn’t entirely human, and together they search for answers to her origins as well as the demonic uprising rumored to swallow up their city of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Risking it all, Lamia agrees to help Micah, with the promise that he too would help her discover who she truly is. Through bloodshed, tears, arguments, and coffee a bond is forged between two unlikely people, but will it be enough to withstand the darkness ahead? In the midst of a bloody battle Lamia discovers what she is; something darker and deadlier than ever anticipated.

"A diverting paranormal tale with a first-rate protagonist."

- Kirkus Reviews
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Available digitally through Apple books, Barnes and noble, kobo, Thalia,, and Angus and Robertson

Available paperback & ebook format

*paperback will not be available until day of release

Available on Barnes and Noble

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Dialogue Excerpts

Here are some small passages from the book to quench your thirst. Hopefully, these are enough until the book finally launches!


This is something I started doing when I first created this series, it's music that speaks to different scenes of the book as well as carries the essence of Lamia's world outside of the story when you not reading it!

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